Porcelain Crowns

Regal restorations for your teeth, reigniting your smile with beauty and strength!"

Custom-made dental restorations that repair damaged or decayed teeth,restoring their appearance and function.

A dental crown, or cap as they are commonly known, will become necessary when teeth are fractured or badly broken. In fact, as a measure of prevention, crowns are highly recommended. The ability to chew effectively, without causing additional damage, is provided when a crown (cap) is placed upon any damaged or weakened tooth, thus giving it the necessary strength. The crown fits on top of and thoroughly around the tooth, giving the tooth the needed support.

Since it is simply a cosmetic procedure, conservative treatment such as bonding or porcelain veneers may be used when a front tooth is cracked or chipped. Injury to a tooth of any kind or decay is considered severe damage which can weaken the tooth. It could undermine the ability to chew and cause severe pain and give an unsightly appearance.

Cosmetic crowns can hide any discoloration while giving a better appearance to poorly developed teeth. They can also cosmetically straighten teeth and repair any damaged teeth. A crown constructed of all ceramic material is not just aesthetic but also solid and durable because of the advances in porcelain technology.

Modern, all-ceramic material is perhaps one of the best available options and is state-of-the-art, restoring the function and natural look of your smile. Seamlessly blending around the tooth, these all-ceramic, tooth-colored crowns can combine beauty and strength in restorations where other types of dental restorative measures cannot. We can presently help our patients achieve a natural-looking smile that will last.

Why Should All-Ceramic Materials Be Used?

The answers to this question are straightforward. Since all-ceramic crowns do not contain any metal, their restorations allow light to shine through them the same as natural teeth do.

Below are the reasons that all-ceramic crowns stand out from the rest:

  • They are bio-compatible
  • The range of colors available can match adjacent teeth
  • They are durable and have long-lasting qualities
  • They have a high aesthetic appeal and a natural appearance

You Can Place Crowns Over Dental Implants

A two-step procedure is involved in getting dental crowns:

  • In the first office visit, the tooth is reshaped, and an impression is made.
  • Two to three weeks later, the crown is put in place with a customized bite for you.

Your beautiful smile is restored with results similar to your natural teeth.

Please call us today. We are here, as always, to assist you in having the best possible oral health.

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Sedation Dentistry

For your convenience, we offer these three types of comfort and sedation dentistry:

Nitrous Oxide

This “laughing gas,” as most people know it, is used for simple fillings or routine cleaning treatments and is the most common form of sedation. Thanks to this simple form of sedation, your entire dental treatment can be a relaxing experience.

Sedation By IV

During IV Sedation, the patient’s vital signs are monitored throughout the entirety of the procedure, as the sedation is administered via IV. The patient will have been sleeping during the entire process, in this case, and will awaken only after the procedure.

Suppose a patient must return to school or work after completing the procedure. In that case, it will be especially beneficial for them to understand their need for sufficient recovery time before they leave.

Conscience Oral Sedation

We currently offer oral sedation for our patients who wish to remain conscience and yet come to us with gagging problems or a higher than average amount of fear and anxiety. Throughout the entire procedure, we closely monitor their vital signs once giving a combination of oral medications.

Once taking the oral medication we provide, the patient becomes highly relaxed and drowsy, and after their appointment, most patients remember nothing of the fear or anxiety they may have thought to experience without.

You will not be put to sleep with oral sedation, and during the entire procedure, you will be able to respond to Dr. Melancon and his team.

Sedation Dentistry

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In Pain?

Patients who self-pay and contact us due to pain, such as those requiring root canal treatment, fillings, or crowns, will incur a $75 charge for their appointment. This fee encompasses the examination and x-ray essential for diagnosis. Excludes patients with dental insurance.

Need a Cleaning?

New patients, paying out of pocket, who schedule a cleaning will be charged $175 for a basic cleaning. This fee covers an examination, two sets of x-rays, and a regular cleaning. Excludes deep cleaning procedures and patients with insurance.

Need an Extraction?

New patients, paying out of pocket, requiring an extraction will incur a charge of $205. This includes the cost of X-rays, an examination, and the extraction procedure itself. Excludes patients with insurance.

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