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General Dentistry – Its Importance And True Role in Overall Health

Regularly scheduled dental visits are vitally important, and they are not just about checking for cavities. In our practice, the emphasis has come to be more about complete oral health since a genuinely healthy mouth is directly linked to your overall health.

Several bacteria-related conditions that can affect our patient’s body, in general, can display symptoms and have their start in the mouth, especially heart conditions. These types of mouth bacteria have been known to affect the body negatively.

In its truest sense, general dentistry does involve regular oral hygiene visits to our office since this enables us to assess the state of health in your mouth correctly. This timely assessment consists of removing stains and tartar from the teeth, regular digital x-rays, periodontal evaluations, and screenings for cancer.

The prevention, through early examinations, of unhealthy conditions within our patient’s bodies that could start in their mouths is well worth the time spent. 

While your visit to our office could be for general dentistry purposes, we will also be doing maintenance on dental fillings you may already have and doing our very best to keep your smile a healthy one.

Dental restorations that we perform for you are meant to last long. However, they won’t last indefinitely, and replacements and repairs will inevitably be needed. We consider it our top priority to make sure your oral health stays in top form and that you will always have a beautiful smile!

The Common Sense Guidelines That We Teach Our Patients, Such as Regular Checkups and Good At-Home Oral Hygiene, in Our Role in General Dentistry Are Profitable in Several Ways.

A Few Are Listed Below:

  • In maintaining a healthy smile, early detection of dental issues that could become problems is of the utmost importance.
  • Our success in detecting these issues early enables us to minimize invasive and more expensive procedures that might otherwise be necessary.
  • Probably one of the best and most far-reaching ultimately is the teaching of your children to begin their at-home teeth and gums oral hygiene regimen.

Doing the best you can with these general dentistry guidelines will still not prevent the occasional emergency, so if you sense or feel an issue or problem beginning in your mouth, don’t ignore it; give us a call immediately. It certainly could mean the difference between losing and saving a tooth!

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