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Dental Sealants Broussard Louisiana

Dental Sealants To Protect Your Teeth


With Dental Sealants, Protection for Your Teeth Against Decay is Sure.

You can rest assured if you need help avoiding tooth decay and cavities for you and your family because dentists have the best cure. The solution is Dental Sealants. You can get it from dentists near you.

Dental sealants provide a protective shield and acids against bacteria, food particles, plaque, and tartar. Within the grooves of your teeth, harmful bacteria can breed and cause decay, and dental sealants can be applied to prevent this decay from occurring. Dental sealants can also reduce the risk of developing other dental conditions since most dental issues usually stem from bacterial infections.

Dental sealants are produced from a thin plastic film and are either white or transparent. We will paint the sealant to avoid bacteria and food contaminants from penetrating the tiny grooves on the teeth where decay occurs in the tracks on the teeth.

Applying dental sealants is a quick, easy and painless procedure.

Removal of the tooth structure is not needed. Also, no shots, drilling, or anesthesia would be required.

We will clean out the teeth and applies a special gel to the chewing surface for a couple of seconds before wiping it off and drying the tooth.

The sealant can be painted directly on the tooth when it has dried.

The dentist uses curing light to harden the sealant, which takes about a minute.

For both children and adults, sealants will be applied to permanent teeth. Tooth decay begins early in life, making children and adolescents the ideal candidates for the treatment. Dentists regard dental sealants as a vital aspect of preventive dental treatment for children and teenagers.

We recommend sealants for the back teeth and the molars and premolars. About the age of six, children usually grow their first molars, and the second starts to appear after the age of 12. The recommendation by the dentists is to seal these teeth before decay has the opportunity to breed.

A cost-effective solution that is both safe and painless and provides a line of protection against oral decay is to opt for sealants. It helps to protect your mouth and that of your family against bacteria. Dental sealants are long-lasting before they need to be applied again.

Even if you exercise oral hygiene effectively at home, you need to know that the toothbrush cannot penetrate food particles and plaque that may be found in the deep grooves. But with dental sealants, there would be no possibility for plaque and food particles to reach the region.

Note that the tooth is permanently damaged after decay has grown. Therefore, you should always look forward to adhering to a strict oral care program at home. The American Dental Association advises that at least 2-3 times a day, you clean your teeth, floss, get healthy meals, and keep away from sugar drinks.

If you want long-lasting protection from bacteria causing decay, you should appointment with your dentist and inquire about dental sealants. The dentist will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

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