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Dental Cleanings Broussard Louisiana

How Can You Prevent Future Problems With Dental Cleanings?


Regular cleanings are a must if you desire the best possible oral health! It is beneficial to floss and brush regularly when it comes to removing plaque from your teeth. However, they cannot wholly prevent the tartar and plaque build-up on your teeth.

Gum disease can cause your teeth to loosen and prematurely fall out when tartar and plaque are allowed to progress underneath the gums. We can remove the tartar and plaque build-up on your teeth with a professional cleaning in our office. The most current treatment procedures for cleaning your soft tissues and teeth are the specialties of our trained hygienists.

What Can Happen When You Leave The Tartar And Plaque On Your Teeth Unchecked?

Discomfort during biting, chewing, and eating foods, swollen gums, and bleeding when brushing your teeth can be caused by tartar deposits. When rough tooth surfaces are covered with tartar and dental plaque, it can cause an unsightly, yellow appearance to be left behind and adhere to your teeth when you drink any colored drinks, like coffee and tea.

When their teeth become stained, some people experience a loss of self-confidence, and a professional teeth cleaning can boost your confidence in the workplace. Shying away from social gatherings can be helped by polishing and scaling procedures.

Dental Cleaning – Does It Hurt and What’s Involved?

Dental cleanings are pain-free and very simple. We will perform a comprehensive visual examination after evaluating your overall oral health by taking a complete dental history. With the assistance of good, quality x-rays, the bone around your teeth can be assessed appropriately. We can see any dental problems before they become bigger using digital – incredibly safe X-rays.

Easy cleaning of the deep areas below the gums will be done after local anesthetics and anesthesia is applied topically to the soft tissue. Root cleanings using special curettes and the complete dislodgment of tartar deposits from the surfaces of teeth will be done using ultrasonic, state-of-the-art scaling tips.

Multiple visits and the administration of certain medicines during this period may be required, even though usually, a single visit is all that is needed to complete the whole procedure. You will be guided as necessary as your teeth are assessed as a whole for any other abnormalities.

Education involving the proper tooth brushing techniques will be recommended, as well as using antibacterial mouth rinses. Please call us today if you have unsightly, yellowish teeth which bleed when biting into an apple or brushing your teeth.

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